I know this is going to horrify many of you, but I am thinking about 25th December already. Don’t judge me, I’m not one of those Christmas obsessives who starts a count down of how many sleeps to go in January every year, it’s just that my Christmas cake needs time to mature and be regularly fed with brandy, so today was the day that process began and I baked my Christmas cake.

However, I had two hours to spare whilst the cake was in the oven, so I had a quick think about what other things I’d be making for Christmas this year (it’s true: one thing DOES lead to another). I really want to try my hand at gingerbread houses again as I was thrilled with my first attempt at them last year, but need some inspiration to do something a little bit different. Luckily I found inspiration in abundance over at Not Martha’s blog: Tiny Gingerbread Houses. CUTE.

So, watch this space for my version of these little beauties over the next couple of months. If they bring me half as much joy as I got from making these rather amateurish huts last year, I’ll be happy.

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